Environmental policy of YUKITA group is consisted of "Environmental Principle"
and "6 course of actions".

Starting from the year 2000 as a first stage, we have been pursuing our environmental
conservation activities based on our "Environmental Principle".

YUKITA group,s Environmental Policy 2.01

Environmental Principle

Through the environmental-friendly corporate activities, we shall contribute ourselves
in realizing the nature-rich society by creating an energy and information path.
Course of Actions
1 Positioning the harmony with the environment as a part of quality, we seek to conserve the environment by resource saving at product design through manufacturing, energy saving, recycling, and reduction of waste material including hazardous material.
2 We commit ourselves in continuous improvement on environmental management system, and quality of environmental conservation activities, along with prevention of contamination.
3 We shall comply with relevant laws and requirements which are applicable to YUKITA's environmental aspect. When necessary, we shall establish voluntary standards and commit ourselves in maintenance and improvement of its control level.
4 By formulating environmental purpose and target based on this environmental policy, we shall commit ourselves in its actualization, which shall be periodically reviewed and revised when necessary.
5 We shall ensure the enhancement of consciousness by providing an environmental education across the organization, and pursue the compulsory environmental conservation activities.
6 We shall closely work and collaborate with the society by opening our environmental policy to the public.