We have been producing our original brand Junction Box and Connectors for
PV modules since 1997. The key design is completed by YUKITA-Japan,
where production is done in China at reasonable cost with Japanese
QC system committing ourselves in serving a better solution in the Photovoltaic industry.

Type No. YJB-16 YJB-17 YJB-18
Isc 11A 8A 8A
Rated voltage 1000V (TUV)/600V (UL) 1000V (TUV)/600V (UL) 1000V (TUV)/600V (UL)
Type No. YJB-2 YJB-20 YJB-22
Isc 5A 8A 1.1A
Rated voltage 1000V 1000V 1000V