Starting from the production of Cotton Braided Insulated Electric Wire for radio
since 1923, we have been meeting various needs from the market with a sprit of "challenge".
We are committed to high-mix production, including the production of 325mm2 power cable
and extra-fine wire with a diameter of several micrometer.
Our mission is to deliver energy and information which bring us an invaluable benefit in a safe
and secured mean. Surrounded by so many useful electrical appliances, we believe that
material must be safe to human and environmental-friendly. We keep pursuing in the
development of more high reliable, safe, and ecological product for all living systems on the earth.
In recent years, well-selling products are manufactured based on "Just-In-Time" system.
At the same time, quick delivery and good quality with low price became a basic requirement of
the current market. Since the first production of wiring harness in 1961, we have been
accumulated our technology, and now it is applied to the development of various products.
Gas Appliance Vending machine Refregirator
Microwave PDP / LCD Washing machine
Entering into automotive industry in 2005, Shanghai Yukita obtained International Standard TS16949 in 2007.
Seat belt Air bag